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The City of St. Augustine remains committed to providing clean and safe drinking water. For the previous year's sampling results please click here. To notify the city regarding water treatment concerns contact: Patrick Timoney, Water Treatment Plant Supervisor, Phn: 904.825.1044, Fax: 904.823-2280, Email:; or, or write the City of St. Augustine, P.O. Box 210, St. Augustine, FL 32085-0210.


St. Augustine, as the nation’s oldest city, is a community of great heritage. With emphasis on tourism as its main economic driving force, the city enjoys a superior residential quality of life enhanced by a unique architectural history and an ambiance which is preserved to attract the arts, culture and a flourishing downtown business sector, St. Augustine is surrounded by thriving modern communities which recognize the importance of the historic downtown to overall economic vitality.

This is the vision statement resulting from the city’s 1995 community-wide St. Augustine Vision Planning Project, an effort involving over 200 members of the community, meeting in 10 topic driven committees over months to develop a blueprint for what they defined as a vision for St. Augustine’s future.

In the fall of 2013, the city commission launched a new visioning initiative called Visioning 2014 & Beyond. To learn more about the project, follow the links below.


Visioning 2014 & Beyond Update


Town Hall votes helps steering committee

draft community's vision

After sifting through, analyzing and categorizing data collected from the nearly 500 submissions of last month’s community survey, (click here to see survey results), members of the Visioning 2014 & Beyond steering committee gathered with members of the community in a town hall meeting on August 18 to do two things: let the committee share its findings, and let the community offer feedback. It was the first opportunity the steering committee has had to check that it correctly heard what the community said through the survey.

The town hall drew a little over 50 people to the Willie Galimore Center where, after a brief introduction by Commissioner Roxanne Horvath, steering committee chair, and visioning facilitator Herb Marlowe, attendees were divided into a dozen small groups each hosted by a member of the steering committee.

Based on input from the community survey, the facilitator had developed five possible scenarios of St. Augustine’s future, and six descriptors of the city, all included in a packet given to each attendee. Then, for an hour and a half, every attendee had the opportunity, in a small-group setting, to offer feedback directly to a committee member on the committee’s work. The small, round table settings allowed each committee member to listen to the community in a close-in conversation.

At the conclusion of the meeting, attendees were then asked to use color coded stickers on posters to indicate their favorite descriptor, and their favorite and least favorite scenario.

The results of those votes are below.

The next meeting of the steering committee is on September 29 in The Alcazar Room, City Hall.*. At that time, committee members will share with each other the feedback they received from the community so as to develop a vision for the community, the ultimate goal of the visioning initiative.


Six Vision Descriptors

Attendees was asked to vote for their favorite vision descriptor with each attendee having only one vote. Below are the descriptors and their vote totals.

  • Measures have been taken to substantially increase financial contribution from the visitor to the maintenance, preservation and the infrastructure of our city.

    Votes: 3

  • St. Augustine will be a livable, environmentally conscious, historic town offering an abundance of cultural amenities, offering basic services such as grocery and pharmacy and affordable housing.

Votes: 14

  • A small livable, pedestrian friendly, historic, bay front city that appreciates its rich history and all of its arts as well as the environment.

Votes: 21

  • St. Augustine is a welcoming, progressive, authentic and historic port city.

Votes: 2

  • A small, livable, walkable, historic town with the ambiance and features of a much larger City.

Votes: 1

  • A vibrant, progressive, authentic and beautiful port city.

    Votes: 0


Five Possible Scenarios

Attendees was asked to vote for the scenario they liked the most with a “yes”, and for the scenario they liked the least with a “no." One person did use a split vote.

As described by visioning facilitator, Herb Marlowe: “The purpose of these scenarios is to describe various futures of St. Augustine that have some reasonable possibility of occurring. These are not mutually exclusive and more than one scenario could emerge in some form. The purpose of the scenario exercise is to first determine what could occur. In the Town Hall the discussion will be on “wanted” and “unwanted” scenarios.”

The vote results are below. To see the text of each possible scenario, click on the links. For a single document containing all five scenarios, click here.

Yes - 20.5
No - 0

Yes - 17
No - 1

Yes - .5
No - 1

Yes - 0
No - 12


St. Augustine Record adds Visioning page to web site

The St. Augustine Record, in addition to offering regular coverage of the activities of Visioning 2014 & Beyond, has now gone the extra step by creating a page on its web side dedicated to the city's visioning initiative. The page is at


Coming up next

Steering committee meeting*

Monday, September 29, 3:30pm

The Alcazar Room, City Hall, 75 King St.

**********         **********

* Members of the Visioning 2014 and Beyond Steering Committee present may include members also serving on the Parking and Traffic Committee the City of St. Augustine. Members serving on both the Parking and Traffic Committee and the Visioning 2014 and Beyond Steering Committee are anticipated to be in attendance and may participate in the proceedings of the committee to discuss issues regarding parking, traffic, transit, multi-modal facilities and transportation.

  Also, note that one or more members of the St. Augustine City Commission or its appointed boards or committees may attend these meetings and participate, however they may not engage in discussion or debate amongst themselves on any issue that will likely come before their respective elected or appointed body.


The Leadership

Roster of the Visioning 2014 & Beyond Steering Committee.

Click here

1995 St. Augustine Vision Planning Project

The original 1995 St. Augustine Vision Planning Project report and the subsequent progress updates from 1996 and 1998.

Click here

Visioning Resources

A collection of over 20 vision and strategic plans, most focused on St. Augustine, dating back over 50 year as well as agenda and minutes from the current visioning initiative.

Click here

Update Archive

Visioning 2014 & Beyond activity updates, like the one at the top of this page, are archived for reference and information.

Click here

Staying in the loop

To receive regular updates on the visioning initiative, please send an email to requesting to be placed on the update roster.


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