Code Enforcement


What constitutes a nuisance?
A nuisance is defined as a condition that interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of life and property; presents a condition detrimental to health, safety and welfare of the public.

What are some examples of a nuisance?
Overgrown weeds and grass; excessive accumulation of trash or debris; excessive noise; trash dumping; raw sewage; abandoned vehicles.

How can I file a complaint for a code violation or public nuisance?
Complaints may be filed anonymously by calling the Code Enforcement Division of the City of St. Augustine's Planning & Building Department. 904.825.1065 or 904.209.4321.

Can I be cited and fined for violations of the City Code?
Yes. You may be cited and fined up to $250 per day if your property is found to be in violation of a city law. If you are the owner of a property you are responsible for any possible violations on that property.

What happens if I am fined and don’t pay the fine?
If you are fined and do not pay the fine, a lien will be placed on your property which may lead to eventual foreclosure.

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