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Planning and Building offers permit fee relief during recovery

The Planning and Building Department is keenly aware of damage to single family homes resulting from Hurricane Matthew. The Department wishes to take the following immediate steps to provide some relief to homeowners impacted by the storm:

  • No building permit fees will be charged to homeowners for removal or demolition of storm damaged material from their homes.
  • No building permit fees will be charged for owner-builder building permits for repair work done to residences for repairs of damage related to Hurricane Matthew.
  • Dock permits to reconstruct existing docks as they were designed and configured before Hurricane Matthew, will be expedited and issued by the Department.
  • Because of the State of Emergency created by Hurricane Matthew property owners may reside in a recreational vehicle on their own property for a period of 6 months while there is an active building permit to reconstruct or repair damage created by Hurricane Matthew to the permanent dwelling unit; provided, electricity and sanitation services necessary for the temporary living on-site are available until April 17, 2017.
  • Homeowners who must apply to the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) for a Certificate of Demolition for their home because of damage associated with Hurricane Matthew will not be required to pay a filing fee.

Planning and Building post storm info page

The Planning and Building Department has posted a new web page that specifically addresses questions related to Hurricane Matthew, including sections on building and code enforcement, planning and zoning, historic preservation, and the storm's impact on businesses. The page is a valuable resource for anyone needing in to work with the Planning and Building Department during recovery.