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A Message from St. Augustine City Manager John Regan

There are many reasons St. Augustine is the Nation’s Oldest City. Among them is the simple fact that we are resilient. Our city has been hit many times in many ways and yet it continues to be The Nation’s Oldest City. And now, we’ve been hit again, and we are still here because of each and every member of this community.

That community includes each person who got ready and helped others get ready for the storm, from the salesperson who was inundated with long lines, to the Public Works teams that sharpened tools and filled gas tanks.

That community includes each person who helped during the storm, the first responders who maintained their posts as the first line of defense against loss of life, and those who monitored the storm’s impact in real time from the St. Johns County Emergency Operations Center so we might be ready for recovery.

That community includes each person who stepped outside and stepped up their game as soon as the rain stopped and the wind died down to evaluate the damage, restore services, and ensure public safety.

Then there is the community behind the community, the 349 employees of the City of St. Augustine, your neighbors and family members. They continue to work long hours to do the job they always do and more, even though many have suffered great personal loss themselves.

And most especially this community includes each and every person who has eased someone else’s suffering by reaching out to help, offering to share what they have, or just taking a moment to listen and be of some comfort.

Hurricane Matthew is a shared experience our community will talk about for a long time, and part of the story will always be the way our community came through the storm together to remain The Nation’s Oldest City.

John P. Regan, P.E.
City Manager
City of St. Augustine