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InsuranceFlyerAtwaterCity building officials on front line of damage assessment: Five suggestions for assistance in the recovery process

The St. Augustine Planning and Building Department is conducting a door to door assessment to catalogue property damage to homes and businesses. This is a necessary first step so as to inventory those areas damaged by flooding and other effects of Hurricane Matthew.

This initial assessment and inventory is necessary for those properties owners who may be eligible for FEMA disaster relief funding in the future.

Teams of volunteers, directed by city employees, are currently going through each city neighborhood and business district and will be in the field until this critical task is completed.

The assessment is not an inspection of structures, but rather an overview of the extent of damage and to identify the location of visibly damaged structures. By the end of the day on Thursday, October 13, over 500 structures have been viewed and catalogued.

As the city continued with the process, it is important for property owners to take action as soon as possible by taking five first steps:

  1. Call your insurance provider immediately regarding homeowners and flood policies and auto policies if vehicles were damaged.
  2. Click Here to visit the FEMA Website for general information on services and assistance.
  3. Start the assistance process now by visiting
  4. Learn about the services and post-storm warnings from the Florida Dept. of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services by calling 877.693.5236 or Click Here to visit their website
  5. Learn how to watch for and protect your self from price-gouging - Click Here to visit the Florida Attorney General’s web site