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The City of St. Augustine, the Nation’s Oldest City, is proud to introduce perhaps one of the nation’s newest web sites.

What’s new? There’s a new look, there’s lots of new content and a there’s new address: is now

But while there is much that’s new, there is still the information the city’s clients search for most often: agendas of commission and board meetings, forms and applications, and reports and studies. Recognizing that the city has information that’s unavailable from any other source, a foremost goal with the new site is to make that information available in easily accessible ways to the widest possible audience.

Toward that end, the new site features much friendlier functionality to make it easier to navigate through the site to get users to what they need as soon as possible. One way is its organization right from the home page. Users will find topics organized in ways that serve their needs whether they identify as a constituent, a resident, a business or a visitor.

But there is a quicker way to find information with what is certain to be one of the most popular new features: a simple button that asks “How can I…” with drop down menus that will direct users to how to “apply for---, dispose of---, pay a---,bid for a contract---, connect new water service---” and much more.

CityStAug has information unavailable from any other source and so will work to make that information available in easily accessible ways to the widest possible audience.

One of the key, behind-the-scenes reasons for improved and reliable information is how the content of the site is managed. For the last decade and a half, content on the web site was managed by one person, a system that sometimes created delays in having the latest and most pertinent information readily available available. That is no longer the case. With the new site, every department, and several of the larger divisions, has a point-of-contact who will monitor and manage information that will serve their clients. So content updates and changes will be taken care of quickly by those who best understand the needs of their clients.

Everyone involved in maintaining the site’s content is committed to providing information their department’s clients needs on-line so they will not have to stand in-line at City Hall.

And there is an understanding that even though the new site is up and running, it is not finished. In fact, it will never be finished for as long as clients have new information needs, the site will evolve to meet those needs always with the goal of have the most useful information readily available 24 / 7 / 365.