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Debris pickup underway and will continue daily even through the weekend

The city began the removal of storm created debris aggressively on two fronts this week: resuming an expanded schedule for household garbage and recyclables; and, with the assistance of private contractors, removal of the vegetative debris. Collections will continues through the weekend as well.

The well-organized system includes seven separate collection crews working by zone so as not to miss any locations. The city and its contractors will make a large scale first pass through the entire city with each team collecting an estimated 1,000 cubic yards of debris a day. But if the task proves to be larger than expected, the contractor will increase its resources to meet the challenge. As soon as debris has been collected in all of the city, a second pass will begin to collect additional material deposited curbside and continue until completed.

Scavenging debris piles is a health hazard. Debris placed curbside that came in contact with food waters likely came in contact with contaminated water and should not be collected and reused. The city is aggressively removing such material, including furniture, clothing, appliances, construction materials, carpet and clothing that was in contact with flood waters and doings so in a safe manner. The public should keep itself safe by leaving the debris collection to the professionals.

Questions and more information

Questions about waste pickup and additional information may be directed to the city's Solid Waste Division at 904.825.1049 or the Public Works Department at 904.825.1040, Monday-Friday, during normal business hours.