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DIDhypolitaAfter1Downtown Improvement District garners national award

Last month, St. Augustine’s Downtown Improvement District Project (HDID) was named a 2016 Public Works Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association (APWA). The 29,000 member association honored the project for “its achievement in historical restoration, preservation and adaptive reuse of existing buildings, structures and facilities.”
(pictured left, Hypolita Street "after")

DIDhypolitaBefore300The scope of the HDID Hypolita, Treasury, and Spanish Streets and included not only extensive redesign of the street scape but complete rehabilitation of underground utilities including replacement of water and sewer lines, modification of existing stormwater collection system, Comcast improvements, future conduit for Florida Power & Light upgrades, and installation of new TECO natural gas mains.  All completed for less than $5 million. (pictured right, Hypolita Street "before")

DIDTreasuryAfter300(pictured left, Treasury Street "after")
The above improvements of the near half-mile of historic streets consisted of an 18” coquina curbless sidewalk, clay pressed brick pavers that serve as the reduced-width vehicular lane, benches, trash receptacles and improved lighting all completed before the city’s commemoration of its 450th anniversary.

(pictured right, Treasury Street "before")
“Usually, public works conjures images of those everyday duties our city relies on such as street sweeping, trash collection, road repair, and water service,” said Martha Graham, the city’s Public Works Director. “However, what most people don’t see is the broader role of public works as it pertains to long range visioning of community development, response to the growing demands of our existing infrastructure and services and the ability to support our community in times of unexpected emergencies and natural disasters.  All these needs are met through our public works department.”

The award’s specific category was for Historical Restoration projects costing less than $5 million, and the award was presented at the APWA’s annual conference held in Minneapolis, MN in late August.  (Pictured on the Home page:  Reuben Franklin, Public Works Project Engineer, and Martha Graham, Public Works Director, in Minneapolis when they recevied the award)