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Tours are part of statewide City Government Week initiative

The City of St. Augustine will be joining cities throughout the state in celebrating Florida City Government Week from October 22-26.  Because city government is the government closest to most citizens, and the one with the most direct daily impact upon its residents, it is important that residents understand how their city operates, the services it provides and the importance of their active involvement.

“Florida City Government Week is an opportunity to help our residents become more informed about the services we provide, which will lead to more knowledgeable citizen participation in the future,” said City Manager John Regan.  “We are excited about this year’s activities and hope to reach the community with our efforts.”

Events planned for the week include:

  • Monday through Friday: City Commissioners, police officers and firefighters will greet elementary school students during morning drop-off, and then participate in morning announcements at a participating school each day.
  • Monday, October 22: Flagler College Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Committee will attend the City Commission meeting and accept a certificate of recognition for their active interest and participation in government as they serve as elected representatives of Flagler College’s student body.
  • Tuesday, October 23: Sebastian Middle School Civics Class will visit City Hall and meet Mayor Nancy Shaver at The Alcazar Room to discuss her duties and responsibilities as the mayor of St. Augustine.
  • Tuesday, October 23: Flagler College SGA will host Mayor Nancy Shaver for a roundtable discussion at the college’s General Assembly meeting.
  • Wednesday, October 24: Public tours of the Wastewater Treatment Plant will be offered at 9:00am and 2:00pm.  Do you know the difference between flushable, non-flushable, and biodegradable products? Where does the stuff go when you flush a toilet?  Learn how your own domestic habits affect the water quality of the Matanzas River.  Register online to reserve your ticket.  Space is limited so early registration is strongly encouraged.
  • Thursday, October 25: Public tour of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Solid Waste facilities will be offered at 2:00pm.  If you ever wonder whether or not your recycling efforts really matter, or ask yourself what's the difference between flushable, non-flushable and biodegradable products, we will answer your questions.  Register online to reserve your ticket.  Space is limited so early registration is strongly encouraged.
  • Friday, October 26: Blind students from The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind will tour City Hall.  Students will walk the corridors of City Hall to familiarize themselves with navigating public spaces and learn about the roles of authority in city government.

Florida City Government Week, sponsored by the Florida League of Cities, is a weeklong celebration that raises awareness about the importance of municipal government and its daily impact on residents. The League is the official organization of the municipal governments in Florida.