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TSHermine090116PM(posted 2:50 PM, Thursday, 9/1/2016) Tropical Storm Hermine expected to make landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane in the Big Bend area of Florida tonight

With the expected current path of the storm, the first effects of the storm for St. Augustine are anticipated to arrive this evening around 6:00pm, with conditions worsening through the night, and dissipating throughout the day on Friday.

Some things to expect from the storm through the night:

  • damaging winds, with gusts between 39-60mph,
  • potential risk of tornado,
  • localized flooding,
  • overnight rainfall, estimates between 3”- 6”, and
  • potential for power outages.

The city has made all necessary preparations, to include personnel manning at the Fire, Police and Public Works departments in anticipation of Tropical Storm Hermine.  Updates will be made available through social media and, but the most current local emergency updates will be found at the St. Johns County Emergency Operations Center website:

As these storms are always unpredictable, we are asking residents to be vigilant and mindful through the following 18-24 hours.  It is of utmost importance to pay particular attention to the fact that the worst area of the storm lies to the southeast of its track in an area that will likely effect St. Augustine and surrounding areas.

As of 2:48pm (Thursday) No shelters are currently open. 

The worst of beach erosion will occur after the storm has departed our local area, likely over the holiday weekend.