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Replacement of damaged box culvert to be complete by the end of May

Exposed "box culvert" Many may not realize that there is a bridge along South Dixie Highway where it crosses Oyster Creek. It is not a very large bridge, but it is an important part of the city’s infrastructure and stormwater systems, and, of course, makes it possible to cross the creek.

During Hurricane Matthew, the aging bridge, or actually a box culvert which acts as a bridge, was damaged to the point of requiring that vehicle weight restrictions were placed on it and a plan developed to have it replaced as soon as possible.

New "box culvert"That replacement project began in January of this year, made possible by funding from the St. Johns River Water Management District picking up a third of the cost of the project. Originally, the project was to last through the end of April, but that schedule has now been extended until the end of May because of delays from inclement weather and challenges with removing the old box culvert.

When finished, the project will have replaced and elevated the existing box culvert, raised the portion of the road adjoining the box culvert, relocated existing water and sewer utilities, provided improved stormwater drainage, and resurfaced the highway in the area.

Throughout the project, the city has repeatedly reached out to the public to remind it that businesses in the area are open and access is maintained even during construction and will continue through to completion of the project.

For additional information regarding the project, contact the city’s Public Works Department at 904.825.1040.