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Master plan available online

Lighthouse ParkThe city’s Streets & Grounds division recently completed an Urban Forestry Management Plan which provides an organizational framework for the city’s urban forestry program, including continued tree inventory development and assessment activities, and to establish street-tree planting opportunities and guidelines.

Funding for this project was provided by the USDA Forest Service through the Florida Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program.

Information collected from a community survey in September 2017 included data regarding the community’s impression of the city’s current tree canopy, what suggestions it might offer, and how the future of St. Augustine’s urban forestry program might be envisioned by the public.

The Urban Forestry Management Plan was developed to assist St. Augustine in better understanding its urban forest’s composition, structure and tree maintenance needs as well as plan for both short-term and long-term resource allocation and develop risk management strategies.

The plan was completed by:

  • Conducting a tree and planting site inventory,
  • Estimating the citywide canopy cover,
  • Calculating tree benefits,
  • Developing a proactive tree maintenance and planting program,
  • Obtaining public and stakeholder input,
  • Making data-driven, sustainable urban forest management recommendations, and
  • Presenting a multi-year budget.

Over the last six years, the city has conducted tree inventories and provided tree inventory reports for the years 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018.  The purpose of the inventories is to assess the current conditions of more than 2900 trees on the city right-of-ways, assigned parks and public use areas, to make recommendations to reduce risk, and to make recommendations to maintain healthy trees and improve health and structural problems.  The tree inventory reports are available here.  The completed Urban Forestry Master Plan can found here on the city’s website.