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Solid Waste Department offers public service reminder

As part of the city's Public Works Department, the Solid Waste Division manages all street sweeping operations, based on 8 zones across the city.  The street sweepers are routed on a scheduled rotation throughout the zones, and under normal operating conditions, residents can anticipate their neighborhoods being swept an estimate of 3 to 4 times annually. 

This short public service announcement video reminds  residents how they can help with street sweeping operations that are taking place in their neighborhood.  Residents can visit the city website here to determine in which zone they live.

Circumstances such as heavy storm seasons, hazardous incidents and general equipment maintenance may cause an interruption in regular service. The street sweepers collect anywhere from 50-70 yards per week of vegetative debris, which is diverted from the landfill to a local transfer site that uses the vegetation as mulch and other environmentally friendly projects.