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Improvement, communication or education projects are eligible

FlaglerParking350peopleThe City of St. Augustine’s Neighborhood Grant program has awarded funds for a wide variety of projects in recent years, including historical markers, a walking tour brochure describing the history of homes in a specific neighborhood, pet waste stations, web sites and small landscaping projects.

PetWaste300Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Neighborhood Grant Program which offers modest grants that can yield big returns for a neighborhood. In addition to filing a need for a neighborhood, the projects assisted by the grants can bring neighbors together to work on a common goal.

There are three categories for eligible projects:

  • Improvements: being a tangible physical asset, either new or existing, located on public space;
  • Communication: such as print material, e-newsletter, web design/maintenance to benefit the neighborhood;
  • Education: such as workshops, classes, speakers for the benefit of the neighborhood.

Each grant recipient is limited to one grant per funding cycle not to exceed $2,500. Total funds available for the Fiscal Year 2018 grant cycle is $15,000.

Applicants for the grants may be either:

  • a neighborhood association member of the St. Augustine Neighborhood Council verified by letter;
  • the Council itself for projects that benefit the entire association membership of the Council;
  • an organization representing a group of residents of a particular neighborhood;
  • a group of residents of a particular neighborhood.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, February 20, 2018.  Download the application here.

The applications are presented to the city manager for final approval after being evaluated by a committee of city staff members drawn from departments which provide the expertise most needed by grant recipients, such as Planning and Building, Public Works and General Services.

Once approved, appropriate staff will meet with each grant recipient to review the work plan, timeline, policies and procedures in keeping with city rules and regulations after which work on the project may commence.

Funds are made available as reimbursements only, and only after providing appropriate documentation of expenditures and verification that the project has been completed by September 7, 2018.

The St. Augustine Neighborhood Grant Program/2018 application is available at, by calling the Public Affairs Department at 904.825.1053, or by sending an email to