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LCRAofficialLogo250February 1, 2017 - The plan amendment process will take place over the next several months, with numerous opportunities for public involvement and input. An educational, kick-off workshop is scheduled for Monday, February 6, 2017 at 6pm in the Galimore Center. The consultant will conduct this workshop and give a broad overview of CRAs generally, the LCRA’s establishment and redevelopment initiatives, and what to expect from the plan amendment. The public is invited to attend the workshop and ask questions, contribute their ideas, and meet the consultant!

The Lincolnville Community Redevelopment Area (LCRA) was established in 2013 due to a study finding conditions of economic distress and physical deterioration in the area. Since that time, the LCRA has implemented a number of redevelopment projects and programs, with perhaps the most utilized being the Fix-it-Up grant program for low-income homeowners to conduct essential repairs. This year, the LCRA’s budget was approved with an amount dedicated to hiring a consultant to amend the Lincolnville Redevelopment Plan. 2018 marks the LCRA’s 5-year anniversary, making this year an appropriate time to reassess and amend the Plan as necessary. The selected consultant is Strategic Planning Group, Inc. out of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, who has extensive experience in writing and amending community redevelopment plans.

For questions please contact the Planning & Building Department at 904.825.1065 and visit the St. Augustine CRA website for more information and upcoming opportunities to get involved!