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hydrantflow150Fire hydrant flow testing planned for Masters Dr. area

Starting on Monday, January 9, the city's Public Works Department continues its annual fire hydrant flow testing next week in neighborhoods to the east and west of Masters Dr., south of and including Vista Cove and north of the FEC railroad crossing. The testing, expected to last two weeks, is scheduled to occur Monday-Friday, 8:00am-3:00pm each day the first week, and then, starting on January 17 will be 8:00am-4:00pm excluding holidays.

Signs will be posted in the areas of testing to advance notice to the public that hydrants in the area are being tested.

During the testing, customers may notice reduced water pressure and possibly discolored water. While the water will be safe, it is recommended that cold water faucets be run for five to ten minutes if discoloration of water is noticed. This should result in the water running clear. Please check water quality prior to running laundry. If the discolored water does not clear up after running, please call 904.825.1040.

Customers having questions or concerns should contact the Public Works Department at 904.825.1040.

RoadClosedSignTrimPortions of Charlotte St. closed to traffic

Archaeological dig taking place starting in January

     Starting on Monday, January 9 and continuing for the next month, the city will be conducting archaeological digs on Charlotte Street between King St. and Cadiz St.

     Excavation work will be conducted only on weekdays, 8:00am to 4:30pm. Pedestrian and local traffic access will be maintained, but vehicular through traffic will not be permitted. City services will continue as scheduled. 

    Note that these dates are subject to change due to weather and archaeological preservation conditions.

     For more information, please call the Public Works Department at 904.825.1040.