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Post-Holidays Used Cooking Oil Collection

monkey150Jan 3, 2017 - Are you planning to fry your holiday feast? Do you know how to properly dispose of your used cooking oil?  The City of St. Augustine, St. Johns County Utilities and St. Johns Technical High School Academies of Coastal & Water Resources and Culinary Arts is offering a cooking oil collection event on Wednesday, January 4 from 7:30am to 2:30pm, at two convenient drop-off locations: 25 W. Castillo Dr. (Francis Field); and 840 W. 16th Street (Anastasia Island).  

This event provides the opportunity for residents to properly dispose of large amounts of used cooking oil, which can be recycled into usable products such as biodiesel fuel. Participants are asked to allow used cooking grease to cool prior to delivering it in a safe container that will not melt or shatter.

When improperly disposed of down the drain fats, oils and greases (FOG) build up inside sewer pipes and can cause raw sewage to back up and overflow into homes, businesses and the environment, creating public health and environmental hazards. 

Here are a few easy things you can do to keep FOG out of the sewer system:

  • Never pour oil or grease down any drain or toilet
  • Scrape food scraps from cookware and dinner plates into the trash
  • Pour small quantities of fats, oils and grease into an empty jar, cool or freeze, seal and dispose of in the trash
  • Recycle used cooking oil at the community collection event, or any time at the City of St. Augustine Wastewater Treatment Plant, 501 Riberia Street, or the St. Johns County Anastasia Island Wastewater Treatment Facility at 860 W. 16th Street.

For more information, contact Glabra Skipp, City of St. Augustine at or 904.825.1055; or Linda Fielder, St. Johns County, at 904.209.2663