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Public Works and Utilities


mgraham2017The Public Works Director and City Engineer, Martha Graham, is responsible for overseeing the wide range of services provided and delivered to the people of St. Augustine - from trash and recycling, water treatment, and stormwater; to wastewater, streets and grounds, engineering and parks.  The department maintains the streets, sidewalks, signs, public parks and gardens throughout the city and provides for solid waste removal, including household garbage, yard trash and recyclable materials. 

TGrant200Public Works is also responsible for the safe, efficient, and cost effective delivery of water and sewer services for the city as well as the engineering, construction and maintenance of systems relating to the delivery of water and sewer services and maintains the infrastructure necessary for the efficient and safe handling of stormwater.  Serving as Deputy Director of Public Works, and serving as the ADA Compliance Officer, is Todd Grant.

Contact Public Works at 904-825-1040 or send an email to  For a detailed listing of Public Works staff, visit our department directory.

The Public Works Department is comprised of the following: