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DBirchim168The Planning and Building Department provides certified professional services for the enforcement of the city's codes relating to the development of land and the State of Florida regulations relating to the health, safety and welfare of residents and visitors of St. Augustine. Under the leadership of Director David Birchim, the Planning & Building department also provides staff support for the Planning and Zoning Board, Historic Architectural Review Board, and the Code Enforcement Board. Information and agendas for all of these boards are available online here. For a complete list of department contact information, visit our department directory.

All permits, including those for land development, the non-residential use of property building, remodeling, signs, and archeology may be obtained at the Planning and Building Department or in the Planning & Building Permits, Forms and Applications library.

Historic Preservation Master Plan
The City of St. Augustine is currently developing a formalized Historic Preservation Master Plan. To learn more about historic preservation planning generally, the steps being taken to develop St. Augustine's Historic Preservation Master Plan, and how to become more involved in the process, visit the Historic Preservation Master Plan page.

Anastasia Boulevard Design Guideline Update
The City of St. Augustine has initiated a project to update the existing “Design Standards for Entry Corridors.”  The first area to be updated is Anastasia Boulevard.  The simple goal of the update is to make the guidelines clearer and easier to work with.  To learn more about the Design Standards Update, the original Entry Corridor Design Standards, the public workshops, and how to become more involved in the process, visit theAnastasia Boulevard Design Guideline Update page.